Spring is around the corner and it’s time to get out of hibernation and get moving. Pilates reformer classes are designed to give you a great workout whilst lengthening and strengthening at the same time.

The Pilates Method is very safe and very effective. It will compliment your current exercise regime in many ways and can be a complete system within itself.
Here are just some of the many benefits:

  • Tone and build long, lean muscles without bulk
  • Challenge deep abdominal muscles to support the core
  • Engage the mind and enhance body awareness
  • Efficient patterns of movement making the body less prone to injury
  • Restore postural alignment
  • Create a stronger, more flexible spine
  • Promote recovery from strain or injury
  • Increase joint range of motion
  • Improve circulation
  • Heighten neuromuscular coordination
  • Offer relief from back pain and joint stress
  • Reduce stress, relieve tension, boost energy
  • Correct over-training of muscle groups which can lead to stress and injury
  • Enhance mobility, agility and stamina
  • Compliment sports training and develop functional fitness for daily life activity
  • Improve the way your body looks and feels

We invite new comers to trial 2 sessions for free to experience what Pilates has become renowned for.

Focus Physio & Pilates – Enabling you to move well and move often.