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Studio Pilates utilises specialised Pilates equipment with a strong focus on improving posture, strength, flexibility and core strength. It is perfect for anyone wanting to improve their musculoskeletal health, whether it be for general wellbeing, if you are training for an event or recovering from an injury. At Focus Physio & Pilates we offer small group classes (4:1) that provide you with a personalised pilates program and individual supervision.

Focus Physio & Pilates offers the highest standard of Studio Pilates. Our Pilates Studios in Charlestown are fully equipped with all studio apparatus. Furthermore, if you attend Studio Pilates Charlestown, your unique and individualized program will be developed by Physiotherapists with expertise in functional movement restoration and performance. Over the years Pilates has evolved with further understanding of human movement, neuromuscular principles and physiology. We integrate this heightened understanding into our Pilates sessions to ensure each of our clients maximizes their benefits with each session.

Studio Pilates Charlestown caters for all ages and levels. We use the entire repertoire of specialized Pilates apparatus target the whole body and specific areas that need to be worked on. Our expertise in exercise prescription allows us to tailor your program to help improve mobility restrictions, improve control and also to rehabilitate painful injuries or niggles that you may have.  That being said, all participants require an initial assessment with one of our Physiotherapist to ascertain goals, injury history and put you through a through assessment of how you are currently moving. The program is developed based on this initial assessment. One of the key objectives of the initial assessment is to identify your weakest links in the movement chain. We don’t do this to belittle you, we do it because we know that the old saying “the chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link “ applies whole-heartedly to the human body. Most of us don’t even know about various restrictions or stability dysfunctions existing, as our bodies are very good at compensating and working around an issue. This is very much an inbuilt survival mechanism, as we would get nowhere as a species if the smallest niggles forced us into complete bed rest. The problem is that these compensations are synonymous with inefficient movement and overtime lead to increased wear and tear on our bodies. We address these dysfunctions within session while ensuring you are working towards your goals.


If you have no restrictions or dysfunctions, this is terrific news. It mean’s we can program your session to stimulate your neuromuscular system so that we move you toward your goals. Whether your goal is strength, further improvement in mobility, improved balance or coordination, the studio is a great place to work on these.


Come and join us at Focus Physio & Pilates Studios in Charlestown if you want to:

Improve: balance, coordination, concentration, blood circulation and breathing

Promote: better posture, weight management, muscle development and alignment


Develop: core strength and movement efficiency

Increase: mobility, tone and body awareness

Prevent: niggles and injuries from occurring in the first place

Reduce: pain, stress and tension

Rehabilitate: any current and ongoing injuries


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