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Pilates Mat Classes

Strengthen from the ground up with Pilates Mat classes in Charlestown.

As children we developed through phases of rolling, crawling and kneeling through to standing, walking, running and climbing. The foundations of human movement began on the ground where we utilized sensation of our bodies andlimbs on the floor to explore movement and progress to become stable in upright postures. As infants we had tremendous mobility and had to earn the right to stand and become stable. We did this through stabilizing and strengthening inthe range of motion we were born with.

Moving on the ground requires mobility and strength. It makes sense to go backto the ground to help recover that mobility and strength that often diminishes with poor daily postures and general inactive lifestyles. In a recent study byAraujo in 2012, the ability to sit and rise from the floor was identified as a predictor of all cause-mortality. This means that the required mobility and strength required to get on and off the ground translates to longevity.

Focus Physio & Pilates offers Group Mat Pilates Charlestown. Our mat classes take you through a full body workout utilizing body weight and some small Pilates props. All ages and levels are welcome during our sessions; our expertinstructors will guide you through a sequence of exercises over an hour.Progressions and regressions of exercises are always available so don’t worry if you feel you can’t do a specific movement. Our instructors will guide you throughmore suitable options. On the other hand don’t think you’ll be able to just breezethrough the session, unless of course that is what you are after that day. Our instructors have many progressions up their sleeves to ensure you get what you are after during our mat sessions.

The many benefits of our Pilates Mat Classes in Charlestown include:

Improved mobility and flexibility

Increased core strength

Improved balance and coordination

Improved muscular strength and control

Improved posture and stabilization of good postures

Stress management and relaxation

For new patrons of Focus Physio & Pilates we encourage you to come in and trial one of our classes on us. We are firm believers of what we do and the services we offer and want you to experience the benefit of this unique mode of exercise for yourself. At Focus Physio & Pilates our aim is to enable you to move well so you enjoy moving often.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us on 4947 8838 or get in touch via our contact form on this website.

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Pilates Mat Classes

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