Reformer Pilates

Group Reformer workouts designed to build strength and gain mobility

Group Reformer Pilates

Come and try Group Reformer Pilates Classes at Focus Pilates Studio. The sessions are designed to improve length and strength while giving you a great workout on the Reformer. The sessions are designed for those seeking a fun and dynamic workout that will not only improve your fitness but also help you move better and feel better. The reformer is a specialized piece of Pilate’s apparatus that utilizes spring loading and your own body weight for resistance. The reformer allows you to explore range of motion gently, challenge your stability and test your strengthwith the extensive repertoire of exercises you can perform on them. The reformer is an incredibly versatile machine that can target all body parts without the impact associated with other modes of exercises. Exercises can be done inlying, sitting, standing, kneeling, pushing the foot bar, perched on shoulder pads, feet in straps and hands in straps. There are literally hundreds of exercises that can be performed on the reformer.

Our Group Reformer Pilates Classes accommodate up to 7 participants and participants run through a 50-minute session together. No session will be exactly the same as another session to keep things interesting and to ensure you arechallenged. Don’t worry if you can’t perform an exercise in the session. Our expert instructors have many regressions and lateralization’s in their tool kit and can modify an exercise for you on the fly. If they see you are breezing through amovement too easily they might just have to give you a progression to increase the challenge if you are up for it.

Technique and breathing are of utmost importance during our reformer classes and it should be for all modes of exercise. Our instructors will queue you on certain subtleties and positions to ensure you make the most of your sessions and not just go through the motions. If you haven’t had any Pilates or reformer experience or need a refresher it is always best to book yourself in for an obligation free reformer induction with one of our staff. It takes approximately 20 minutes and we go through safety, a basic repertoire of exercises and go explain what some typical and frequently used queues actually mean. For new clients at Focus Physio &Pilates we have an introductory offer of $25for 2 weeks of reformer classes where you can attend up to 3 times per week. We do this because we understand that it often takes people time to adjust to the

class structure and exercise and we want you to feel the difference that doing this unique mode of exercise provides. We are passionate about health and movement. Our goal is always to enable you to move well and move often.

For more information call us on 4947 8838 or get in contact via our contact form on this site.

We understand that there is no quick fix solution to movement, health and fitness. As an introductory offer for new members, trial 2 weeks of Reformer Pilates (up to 3 sessions per week) for $25 and experience the power of this mode of exercise.

If you are a little unsure of how to use a reformer we can organise an obligation free 15 minute intro session to ensure safety on the equipment and some basic repertoire.