Mobility before Stability

Mobility First. Without adequate range of motion of joints and its surrounding soft tissue there will always be compensations and inefficiencies within movement. Inefficiencies often lead to overuse of various structures and consequent injury. These techniques may be useful in improving your mobility.

Disclaimer: The following videos serve as references for clients at Focus Physio & Pilates. Assessment and instruction was provided at the clinic to ensure exercises are done appropriately and safely. Consult your Health Practitioner prior to commencing these exercises.

How to use a Posture Pro: Improve Thoracic Spine Mobility

Foam Roller: ITB & Vastus Lateralis

Foam Roller: Gluteals

Foam Roller: Calves

Foam Roller: Hamstrings

Foam Roller: Tensore Fascia Latae

Foam Roller: Quadriceps

Foam Roller: Back